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Vedi Associates, Inc. (VA) is a minority owned corporation founded in 1984 by Principal and Architect, P.S. Vedi, specializing in parking and architectural consulting.  Due to Mr. Vedi’s experience since 1956 on two continents, he brings a variety of talents to solve urban design situations.

Vedi Associates in one of few leading nationwide firms offering specialized parking consulting and parking related services.  Our parking consulting services encompass the entire range of parking services:  skyway connections, helipad and heliport design, parking studies, functional design, parking facility design, parking facility restoration, parking facility conditions audits, and security.  Vedi Associates’ parking projects include long-term durability features for low maintenance; epoxy coated steel and micro-silica concrete; passive surveillance; security features; vertical expansion; positive drainage; aesthetic features; and landscaping as design components.

As a firm believer of close client contact, P.S. Vedi leads the project team and is personally involved in all project phases.  The bureaucracy, miscommunication, inertia and non-productive management layers normally associated with large and distant design organizations are not present.  Mr. Vedi’s approach to his office and staff is the same towards his clients.  He believes in personally overseeing his staff and staying involved in the design process.

Vedi Associates has a keen understanding of budget, function and aesthetics.  Vedi Associates is able to control cost and can design the structure so that future vertical expansion, is built into the bid package.  Vedi Associates is also very precise with our drawings so that contractor bids come within percentage points of one another.  Another design factor is the design of the facility as either a post-tensioned or pre-cast facility, allowing for contractor’s bid to be even more competitive. 

Vedi Associates recognizes that Parking Facilities are not simple rectangular structures.  Parking facilities require design, integrity, experience and precise understanding; this makes the Vedi Associates’ Principal, Mr. Vedi a very integral part of the consulting team.  Mr. Vedi has the structural understanding for the parking facility requirements, and as an architect, he also has the aesthetic eye to ensure that the City’s image is not sacrificed.  

The VA team understands and recognizes that every project has specific needs and issues.  Each client brings new challenges and issues and at VA, the Client is encouraged to become an integral part of the design team.  VA is committed to, not only providing professional services, but listening to the Client’s needs and developing ideas and becomes the final plan and Scope of Work.

At VA, you will not work with middle administrative layers; you will have direct contact with our Principal, Mr. Vedi.


Gerald Kaeter, Assistant Director of Operations, City of St. Cloud, Minnesota

“Vedi Associates has performed several projects for the City of St. Cloud, Minnesota. PS Vedi has been most professional on all of our projects and we would not hesitate to assign Vedi and Associates future projects. Our experience with PS Vedi includes parking ramp upgrades, parking ramp expansions and a new parking facility. In all projects PS considered himself an owner’s representative and dealt effectively, efficiently and with full communication between the owner, contractors and sub-contractors.  He utilized his authority respectfully to effectively meet tight deadlines and met budget constraints without difficulty. The confidence PS displays while managing his projects is very enlightening. It was a pleasure to work with Vedi Associates. “ 

Robert A. Marsh, President Mid-America Construction Co. of Iowa

"It seems that owners have allowed design consultants to produce drawings that cannot be understood.  This trend has gotten worse over the last several years.  It is very refreshing to work on a project with quality drawings such as yours (VA). I feel if owners realized how much money they could save by getting bids from contractors based on plans such as yours, they would all raise the quality standards they expect from their design professionals."


Dick McLane, McLane Office Equipment Co., City of Clinton, Iowa

"It is my estimation of the ideas and materials presented by Vedi Associates, Inc. were the best value for the money spent by the City of Clinton. VA returned $.90 on the $1.00 versus $.05 to $.30 on the $1.00 spent on other consultant's reports."

Todd M. Stutz, Dir. of Comm. Dev., HRA of Columbia Heights, Minnesota 

"Due to the excellence of Vedi Associates' proposal and the background of Mr. Vedi, the HRA Board of Commissioners selected Vedi Associates, Inc. to design and supervise the construction of the City of Columbia Heights' second parking facility.  During the design process, Mr. Vedi demonstrated his ability to address functional, aesthetic, and budget issues.  The importance of these issues was compounded by the clinic design, existing development surrounding the project, and poor soil conditions.  Throughout the bidding process and construction period, Mr. Vedi and his staff demonstrated their ability to work effectively with contractors and stay on top of the project budget.  The end result is a quality project completed ahead of schedule within the original budget.  Of equal importance is a project completed to the satisfaction of elected and appointed public officials. I am confident Mr. Vedi and his staff will be selected for future parking projects in the City of Columbia Heights and highly recommend your consideration of Vedi Associates, Inc."

Lyle E. Schroeder, President, Sioux Valley Hospital, Sioux Falls, South Dakota


"I would be remiss if I did not give special thanks and recognition to Mr. Vedi for the diligent efforts he expended on behalf of Sioux Valley Hospital.  He is certainly an individual that at all times has the owner’s interest and welfare uppermost in his mind.  There were many situations throughout the construction of this project when Mr. Vedi made it perfectly clear to the contractor and others that he was working for the best interest of Sioux Valley Hospital.  This is something that all of us appreciate."


Alan D. Meyer, Dir., Engineering Svs., Meriter Hospital, Madison, Wisconsin

"I would like to thank you and your staff for the fine work performed for the installation of the lithotripter pad at the Meriter-Methodist site.  The mobile unit arrived and functioned as intended without any problems.  This does not happen without dedicated people all working together to get the job completed on time, on budget, and obtain a quality product.  Thank you for meeting our tight time schedule and putting extra effort into completing this project."

Roger R. Starn, Vice President of Special Projects, United Hospitals, St. Paul, Minnesota

“Your staff headed up by Mr. Vedi conducted themselves in a very professional manner and were prompt in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. The duties and responsibilities of the project architect were carried out by Mr. Vedi and he worked well with contractors on the job.”

Craig M. Ames, Associate Administrator, Metropolitan Medical Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“The second, and perhaps most important thing, is my thanks to you for your “bird dogging” the change order request on this project. Your efforts on a recent change order resulted in a savings to the Owner. This kind of attention to detail and interest in representing the Owner is much appreciated. I just want you to be aware that I know that not all project managers approach their duties with the carefulness and dedication, which you constantly demonstrate. It continues to be a real pleasure to have you associated with this project.”

Brent Batman, Vice President, Mercy Hospital Medical Center, Des Moines, Iowa

“It has been four years since our 500-car parking ramp has been completed. The structure looks as good today as it did when it was brand new.

I want to commend your company for designing a superb structure that is functional, yet aesthetically pleasing. Your firm did a very professional job on handling this project from the beginning to the completion, and has continued this professionalism during the operation of this parking structure. It is reassuring to know that we have dealt with a firm that no only cares about the project during the construction phase, but is also concerned that the structures are well maintained.

The above comments also apply to our 200-space parking ramp on the north side of our hospital. We are certainly a satisfied customer and would highly recommend your firm as an excellent parking consultant.”

R. Daniel Brown, Director Property Manager, Doctors Building Bishop Clarkson Memorial Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska

“It will be three years this July since we opened our new Doctors Building parking garage. Last year we had your personnel do an inspection including chloride ion test of the deck structure.

The performance of this garage has been superb. Positive drainage, structural integrity and traffic flow have been key performers resulting in a ramp free from any problems.

Thought you would appreciate knowing of our satisfaction and also that I would highly recommend your firm for any future design work in the Doctors Building complex.”

Scott Anderson, President, North Memorial Medical Center, Robbinsdale, Minnesota

“I would like to take this opportunity to express to you my sincere appreciation for all of the efforts which you put forth in developing the NetCare concept and subsequent installation at North Memorial. Through all of our internal and external discussions on this subject, the organizational and political ramifications have been extensive. Only with dedication of purpose and substantial effort on your part has the project been finalized as conceived.”

Kenneth Erickson, City Manager, City of Casper, Wyoming

“You asked about my thoughts on the construction phase. I recall no problems with the project management efforts and continue to feel comfortable with all of the scheduling and the minimum amount of change orders. The building has proven to be extremely durable and maintenance free.”

LaVonne Anderson, Frederic Housing Authority, Frederic, Wisconsin

"I wish to personally express my appreciation to you and your staff for the exceptional way you conducted your business with our Housing Authority.  I know there were some difficult times and I feel that all of you were so cooperative and pleasant to work with.  I would most highly recommend your firm in the future."