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Our firm, Vedi Associates, is committed to designing a facility that is not only functional, but also appropriate for its location and function in the community.  Our firm philosophy has always been to work in the best interest of the Owner, community and project. Our motto is, "Park Your Problems Here."

Vedi Associates is committed to studying the Owner's building needs, as well as, related issues.  It is our firm's commitment and desire to produce architecture of enduring quality.  Through our design methods and practices, we will integrate the exterior design, interior design and landscape design into a unified whole, an architecture that reflects an aesthetical design, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness. 

Vedi Associates encourages each design discipline to participate in open discussions to promote the understanding of relationships and design issues.  Communication and coordination of information between all involved is essential and vital for the success of a project.  This process of a team forum will generate a stimulating and creative environment, which will provide the best response of the project's needs.

Our firm will provide regular project observations to ensure the project's quality and schedule is maintained and that the Contractor is in compliance with the Contract Documents. Project observation is key to quality assurance. As required, Vedi Associates will regularly monitor and update the schedule. Up-front scheduling will assure the timely start of construction and control project costs.  Responsibilities for all Project Team members (owners, architects, engineers and contractors) will be well defined and monitored throughout the Pre-construction Phase to ensure the Construction Phase begins on time and is completed on schedule.

The firm provides comprehensive parking, architectural, and engineering services.  It is organized around a balanced professional staff in design, planning, programming and administration. 




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Construction Administration
Project Management
Master Planning
Specification Writing
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